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Declaration of consent

Informed consent is a crucial component of ethically responsible research involving humans, and the UiL OTS considers it important to standardise the relevant points. You are required to use one of the predefined UiL OTS declarations of consent below, along with an information letter adapted for your study. You should archive the signed declaration of consent carefully and keep it for at least 10 years. If you feel that none of the standard declarations of consent is applicable to your specific situation, please contact the EtCL secretary.

If your study involves an online questionnaire, the informed consent procedure can be built into the questionnaire itself in a shortened form; see the example here.

NB. These forms may only be used when the study is officially approved by the EtCL. If these forms are used for inspiration, all references to the EtCL must be removed, including the logo.

The following templates can be found on the Dutch version of the website:

  • TV_Kinderen_0-11_NL_v290116
  • TV_Kinderen_12-17_NL_v290116
  • TV_Schoolleiding_NL_v290116
  • TV_Volwassenen-Wilsbekwaam_NL_v290116
  • TV_Volwassenen-Wilsonbekwaam_NL_v290116

NB. Informed consent should be presented, if possible, in the native language of the participant!