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Ethische ToetsingsCommissie Linguïstiek (ETCL)

The Ethics assessment Committee Linguistics (EtCL) of the UiL OTS monitors the integrity of the UiL OTS research by assessing in advance any planned study with participants on criteria concerning informed consent, acceptable burden and risks to participants, and appropriate data management procedures. On this website you can find the following information:

How does it work: short description of the procedure • the full EtCL regulations • the current composition of the committee

Registration for assessment: registering a new study (EtCL portal) • preliminary assessment for subsidy applications • amendment of a study in progress • when will my study have to be assessed by a METC (WMO-check).

Informed consent forms: de information letter for participants • the declarion of consent that needs to be signed by participants or third parties.

Contact: contact the committee's secretary.